FastNet99 is a tool that allows you to increase the loading speed of websites. Download FastNet99 for free and obtain useful information about websites

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One of the most important things for the vast majority of Internet users, is to lose as little time as possible during their checks, and that the websites that they visit are loaded as soon as possible. To make that a lot quicker than usual, you can use FastNet99.

  This software uses an indexed table of URLs with their IPs on the hard drive of your computer to be able to avoid the lengthy DNS searches, that can slow down the rate at which a website load depending on the time that it takes to reach a master DNS server, because there are very few all over the world.

  As well as this utility, the application also offers others that can come in handy, like:

  - Ping: To know the exact response time of an IP.
- Who Is: To identify all the data of a specific DNS.
- Time: That allows you to synchronize the time.
- PortScanner: That allows you to check each of the computer's ports.
- And some others.

  Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to save time and also find out other data about the websites and IPs that you visit, download and install FastNet99.
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