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Would you like to be a personal trainer? If the answer is yes, try the experience at Fat No More, a game in which players help clients to keep healthy

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Would you be a tough and efficient personal trainer? Find out in this fun and colorful game by the prolific Tapp Games studio. Help your clients get in shape and achieve their goals in the shortest time possible with exercise, diet, and supplements.

Help your clients reach their goals in life with fun and addictive workouts and diet routines.

Operation Bikini starts now

Your mission at Fat No More is to train different people and help them get in shape. In minimal time, you need to help them achieve their goals and improve their cardiovascular capacity, increase their muscles, and reduce their body fat.

To do this, you have six mini-games in which you can interact with the screen using different key combinations. In this way, you will be able to train the strength and stamina of your clients with the following exercises:

  • Running.
  • Bicycle.
  • Weight bar.
  • Dumbbells.
  • Jump rope.
  • Jumping.

Every time you start an exercise, you will spend a point of energy, and you will have to wait a while for it to recharge. Therefore, it is important not to waste energy points and be as efficient as you can in each mini-game.

Burn fat and be proud with Fat No More!

You also need to take into account your client's caloric intake and choose a diet to fit each person's goals: cereal, carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fast food, and everything mixed together. Moreover, you will also be able to buy protein shakes that will help you achieve your mission more quickly.

You can also buy different gadgets to enhance your customers' training, such as wristbands or visors. However, some of them require in-app purchases with real money, so it is better to rely on healthy exercise and a balanced diet.

Additionally, the graphic section has some very nice two-dimensional designs and a very dynamic soundtrack that fits the game perfectly. Will you manage to give back the confidence and health to the more than 40 characters that will come looking for your help?

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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