FEAR 2 Project Origin

Project Origin

Feel the terror that FEAR 2 Project Origin can cause, a gloomy shooter. Investigate paranormal events once you download FEAR 2 Project Origin on your PC

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FEAR 2 Project Origin is a shooter that is different from the rest, because not only will it provide us with great moments of action, it will also submerge us into a terrifying story, worthy of the best horror movies. But not only the story is worthy of praise, because both the soundtrack and the graphics are also amazing.

  The game will place us in the role of Michael Becket, a member of the elite F.E.A.R. Squad, that is in charge of investigating paranormal activity. We will have to face a full army of clones that are leaded by the mysterious girl Alma, that will follow us during the whole story, that takes places in a terrifying research center.

  During the game we'll have to face more than 14 different missions, that you will be able to complete in different steps. As well as jumping and fleeing from our enemies, we will have the opportunity to use vehicles, that will help us to overcome some of the missions.

  We will also have an online mode in which we'll be able to access two different game modes, "DeathMatch" or "Capture the Flag", that are present in the majority of titles of the same genre.

  Discover a dynamic FPS (First Person Shooter) with a great plot, thanks to FEAR 2 Project Origin.
Requirements and additional information:
The demo allows us to enjoy the first mission for about 20 minutes.
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3 months ago
1.7 GB

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