Fedora Core Linux Utilities


Install different improvements on Fedora after downloading Fedora Core Linux Utilities for free, a set of tools that provide you with plenty of advantages

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Fedora Core Linux Utilities is a set of tools for the Linux distribution called Fedora that provides different advantages and improvements when it comes to working with the operating system. Easily access all these functions and many more from the command line by downloading futil free for Linux:

  • Mount units for shared resources.
  • View processes associated with PTY.
  • Distribute RC files or public SSH keys amongst clients.
  • Alternate between different Wireless profiles.
  • Re-synchronise the clock after restarting the system.
  • Includes an application launcher based on keywords.

Shape up your Fedora distro

If you are a Fedora user you have to download Fedora Core Linux Utilities for free. All improvements are welcome, and taking into account all those included in this pack of utilities, you shouldn't wait another second to get hold of it.

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