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1.1811.10571.0 Help Microsoft to improve its products by downloading Feedback Hub for free, a direct window to send all your complaints and suggestions to Redmond
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Everybody likes complaining, regardless of the topic: the weather, politics, economy, the mortgage, football. We've always got something to say (usually something negative) about any aspect of our daily life. With this software, we can be critical and constructive whilst we send notes about what we like and dislike about Windows, what could be improved or the different problems we've had. If you're on Windows 10, Microsoft wants to hear you.

Help to improve Windows.

On many occasions, the best way of improving something is listening to the final user. That guy who doesn't even know how to switch on his computer, the other guy who drives everyone crazy at the technical services, or the other one who's never seen a computer in his life. That's the type of consumer that gives you loads of work but also helps you to improve your devices. So the most efficient thing to do is offer him a simple tool to set forth his problems, doubts, questions, and complaints regarding Windows. And that's precisely what the Microsoft Corporation's Feedback Hub allows us to do, connecting the user straight to the company.

Send comments about Windows and its applications by sharing your suggestions and problems.

A webapp split into two different parts

Feedback Hub has two well-differentiated parts: the home screen and the feedback section, where you can leave your opinions and proposals. For such purpose, you'll have to choose whether you want to report a problem or a suggestion. Then you'll have to summarize it to later explain the situation in more depth. Finally, you'll have to choose a category and sub-category before sending all your problems to the technical team. From the home screen, you can read about all the updates, check a guide, and receive tips to make your Windows experience much better.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 10.
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