Receive on your desktop the info of your RSS subscriptions by downloading Feedreader for free. Feedreader is a complete and flexible RSS reader for Windows

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Feedreader is an RSS client where you can read all the information of your interest that is published on the Internet. Subscribe to the RSS channels of your favourite sites to receive news and updates on your desktop using Feedreader, which will take charge of storing and organising everything.

A great alternative to Google Reader.

You won't have to visit the sites one by one. Update the information automatically and receive it in a centralised manner on your new desktop reader: Feedreader.

Features of Feedreader

  • Compatible with the main feed formats.
  • Intelliupdate function capable of recognising the update frequency of each channel.
  • Also download attached files or that are related to the publications.
  • Tag the contents and organise them by categories.
  • Simple interface with several views available.
  • Includes filters to delimit the contents.
  • Create nested folders.
  • SSL and Unicode support.

Feedreader is a rather lightweight software application that doesn't jeopardise the system's resources. You can open and close it in a few seconds. Its use is very intuitive, so even the most unexperienced users can make use of all its functions. Configuring Feedreader is also simple.

Start downloading Feedreader for free and receive the most up-to-date information as soon as it is published.

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Antony Peel
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