Fiabee is a tool to easily store your backup copies online. Download Fiabee free today and save all of your important files in a safeguarded location

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Fiabee is a program that has been developed to make sure that your data is always safe. Its basic function is to upload the files of your choice to the Internet to make sure that they are always safe. Therefore, if there are any errors on the hard drive, the files will always secure in the servers provided by the program.

Your software for online backups

One of the biggest worries of any backup software is that the place where the data is stored could become corrupted and the backup copies lost. That is why hard drives, DVDs, and flash memories are normally replaced every certain amount of time, nevertheless, placing a backup copy in the clouds will offer us the security that is necessary so we will never have to worry.

The latter is a very intuitive and easy to use software application that works in a totally straightforward way. It only requires that we register and select the files that we want to save for the application to start working in the background. The copies created by the program are incremental, thus taking a little longer in the first copy and a lot less in each new copy.

As with similar software, Fiabee integrates perfectly with the operating system, allowing us to easily send any file to the online storage, together with the backups.

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