Improve your audio quality with Fidelizer. Concentrate your resources on your Hi-Fi player and make the most of its sound by downloading Fidelizer for free

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Improve your computer's sound with Fidelizer, a tool specially designed for users of advanced players such as J. River, XXHighEnd, HQPlayer or foobar2000.

Enhance your computer's performance in terms of audio by simply installing this application, capable of turning your PC into a workstation for audiophiles.

Fidelizer's templates

Fidelizer offers three different optimization templates plus a customized option so that you create your own profile:

  • Professional: basic settings to not compromise the system's resources.
  • Audiophile: higher sound fidelity at the expense of reducing the computer's performance.
  • Extremist: the most radical setting. It only leaves audio-related processes active.
  • Customize: choose the settings of your template yourself.

Discover the advantages of focusing the resources of your computer on playing multimedia contents. Reduce the workload of the drivers, free resources and improve the audio response by downloading Fidelizer for free.

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