Fidget Spinner Online

Fidget Spinner is the web version for browsers of the game that's the real rage and that's all about spinning the blades of a hand-held toy spinner

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It's impossible that you haven't yet seen anyone spinning non-stop a tiny device they hold between their fingers. It's a Fidget Spinner and that's the only thing it can be used for: to spin its blades around an axis.

Online hand spinner version

However you want to call it, this device is the real rage among millions of people all over the world and it can be purchased from almost any local store or on the Internet, via Amazon, for just a few dollars.

But this spinner frenzy has gone way beyond the analog boundaries to reach the virtual scope and that's why there are also applications for Android and iPhone that anyone can download to spin this toy from the touchscreen of their device.

The trendiest toy as of lately now has its online version.

But if you're at work, your boss might not be very fond of the idea of watching you play around with your spinner or use the mobile application. In that case, you can now go for the web version. Designed by a computer developer without anything better to waste his time on, you can spin this toy by simply using your mouse and it comes along with all the following features:

  • 12 different types of spinners.
  • Possibility to change their color and intensity.
  • Spin counter that can reach 9,999,999.
  • Buttons to share on social networks.

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