FIFA 11, by Electronic Arts, is one of the best and most realistic football games for computer that exist. Score your best goal by downloading FIFA 11

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If you are a football fan you are in luck. EA Sports, the sports division of the famous Electronics Arts company offers FIFA 11, one of the best football games for PC with great tradition among the users and one of the most secure bets when it comes to speaking about the most important sport worldwide.

FIFA 11 has meant a complete revolution in the football game market, especially due to its renovated game system, its controls and its realistic graphic aspect, where it has gained in definition and quality both in scenarios as well as in the players' aspect.

The team and player database has been totally updated to be able to enjoy all the templates at the same time.


  • Different game modes: friendly, official competitions, training, online game modes...
  • Improve graphics, realistic details and movements for each player.
  • Office licenses to create the best teams and leagues in the world.
  • Optimized control system to reach a more realistic experience during the games.
  • New individual controls for each player: directed passes, goalkeeper movement control, improved free kick system...
  • Optimized sound with new songs, commentary and chants.
  • "Personality+" system to emulate the real behavior of the players on the playing field.
  • Improved artificial intelligence.
  • FIFA theater to enjoy the best moments once again and share them via
  • Player creation system: create your own player and take part in the matches as if you were another member of the squad.

The football revolution

The developers of FIFA 11 brag that they have managed to design one of the best dribbling systems, that offers absolute control over the ball. What's more, it is possible to train and configure your own strategies, establishing the actions that each player will take during free kicks or corner kicks.

FIFA 11 is a step forward in terms of football game developments. In its eternal search for maximum realism, the guys at EA have found the way to get it right and due to this have been able to establish a real rivalry with Konami and the popular ISS Pro.

A new customization and control level for an unprecedented football experience.

Online entertainment

Create your own online games over a LAN network with your friends and chat about the different movements or by means of the VoIP communication systems. Entertainment is guaranteed.

Download FIFA 11, warm up first and walk on to the field to prove that you are one of the best players in the world.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • The demo allows you to play in "Quick Match" mode with the following teams, Real Madrid, F.C. Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen and Olympique Lyonnais.
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