FIFA 12 Fast Start


Download FIFA 12 Fast Start for free and increase the loading speed of FIFA 12. Jump straight onto the pitch without wasting time with tactics or training

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The arrival of the new FIFA 12 guarantees hours of entertainment to all hardcore sports gamers. The wait has been long, but we finally have access to the new instalment of the football saga with all its changes, that level it with the console version of the game. Yet another season you'll have to prove your skill with the ball at your feet and your skill guiding your players. And the best thing is that with FIFA 12 Fast Start you'll be able to launch the game almost immediately.

Reduce the loading time of FIFA 12.

Even though the intro videos are a nice way of warming up, watching all of them each time you launch the game can be rather tiresome. FIFA 12 Fast Start will take care of accelerating the start of your gaming sessions and will save you plenty of time waiting for the application to launch.


  • Reduces the loading time of FIFA 12 each time that you launch the application.
  • Support for various languages.
  • Compatibility with the online game.
  • Compatible with old profiles and careers.

Save warming up

FIFA 12 Fast Start will take care of patching the files placed in the installation folder of the game to make sure that FIFA 12 loads a lot quicker. Once you install the application it will take care of automatically loading the necessary modifications, without any need to move or copy files between folders.

When you load the game, the welcome and language screen will be automatically overlooked to go to the main menu so you can start playing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a RAR compatible compressor.
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