Any football fan would love to have a game at FIFA 14 for PC. Enjoy the best football game at present with detailed graphics and plenty of new functions

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As every season, Electronic Arts brings you the new version of FIFA, the best football game available at present. Play the best national and international competitions, leading your favorite team to glory, you can now download FIFA 14 for PC!

Live the excitement of scoring blinders with FIFA 14.

The most realistic football game

One of the main appeals of FIFA 14 is its playability, aspect in which it clearly defeats the rest of its rivals. The playing system, optimized with each new version, guarantees a real and faithful experience.

You'll have to make your criteria prevail in the midfield, reduce spaces in defense and make the most of your chances on goal to reach victory. The graphics have also undergone their corresponding improvements, with players and stadiums detailed to the maximum extent.

New elements in this edition

Among the innovations included in the development of FIFA 14 there are several aspects to be highlighted, all of which have been conceived to continue improving the user's sensation of realism:

  • Pure Shot: the ball striking system has been optimized with the intention of emulating all the match's circumstances. Now your players can adjust their stride and their shot angles, allowing them to take rushed or off-balanced shots.
  • Real Ball Physics: the ball's behavior has also been dealt with, trying to emulate its real behavior on the pitch. Strike the ball more accurately and applying different spins just like in real football.
  • Protect the Ball: like all contact sports, football demands players to be capable of fending off and blocking opponents to protect their position and the ball. This behavior has been recreated perfectly in this game, which also incorporates the possibility to dribble at different speeds.
  • Teammate Intelligence: no longer will the players you don't control be useless. Now your defense will be capable of acting intelligently when it comes to marking strikers, closing gaps and playing the offside. They will also know when to offer support to their teammates or when to pressure to win back possession.
  • New Precision Movement: your players will be able to make directed controls, change direction while sprinting and many other techniques to leave their opponents behind. It all depends on their skill, not all players are as gifted.
  • Second Chance Tackle: until now, if your rival got passed there was not much you could do with your defender. You can recover your position after an unsuccessful challenge.

FIFA 14 includes more than 500 teams and more than 15,000 players, all with official licenses. Practice with your team in the Practice Arena and reach glory in the football world in the Career Mode, where you'll take on the role of a player, coach and manager all at the same time.

Try out its demo and enjoy pure football. It includes leagues from all over the world (now also from South America), commentaries from Martin Tyler and Clive Tyldesley and an outstanding soundtrack.

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