FIFA 15 is realism in its purest form. Download the demo of FIFA 15 to your PC and walk onto the pitch to enjoy exciting football matches with the best AI

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As happens every year, the launch of the new version of FIFA generates great expectation among fans of this kind of football game. FIFA 15 has been totally renovated in all its different aspects to offer a more realistic and exciting experience.

Real football on your PC.

Feel as if you were on the football pitch

When you enter FIFA 15 you'll be surprised by its state-of-the-art graphics, although the most important things are packed inside. The game's artificial intelligence is one of the aspects that has been deeply worked on in the new FIFA, and the result is very noteworthy: the goalkeeper's movements, looks and response are unbeatably real! The rest of players controlled by AI also anticipate the next moves and respond accordingly.

FIFA 15 is a real challenge.

On the other hand, the game's physics have been perfectly taken care of. How the ball bounces, clashes between players... everything happens naturally. Furthermore, new functions of the Ultimate Team mode make on-pitch playing even more exciting. You can now try out different types of players in your team and find out how they affect the group with the Concept Squad option. Try to make your friends lend you a player and plan your next signings.

Seasons among friends

Another noteworthy update in FIFA 15 are the so-called Friendly Seasons in which you can challenge a friend and face him in head-to-head match-ups. You'll be able to follow the stats of the matches, and if you do everything perfectly, you'll manage to become the one and only winner.

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