The demo of FIFA 17 comes along with plenty of updates and new features for you to start playing this renovated version of the football game par excellence

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Electronic Arts' FIFA, together with Pro Evolution Soccer, is the football video game saga par excellence. The twenty-fourth title of this franchise also comes along with a new graphics engine called Frostbite to make it even better. FIFA 17 arrives as the same game as always but with enough updates and new features to continue fighting to be the best soccer video game out there.

A football game that's getting smarter and smarter

If we had to point out a single aspect about all the FIFA games that have appeared since that FIFA 95 for PC and Mega Drive, apart from the obvious graphical improvements, it has to be the tremendous evolution of the game's behavior. A new Artifical Intelligence system has been designed to make this game more realistic than ever.

You've never felt so close to the football pitch on your PC.

The players think, move and interact within the game to such an extent that we'll feel like we're taking part in real-life football matches. And if we add to the latter the brilliant graphics introduced by the game in its latest versions, achieving realistic recreations of the players' movements and facial traits, the result is still as stunning as ever.

What's new if FIFA 17?

This year's version brings us the following new features regarding previous editions:

  • Rewriting of the set pieces with greater control of free kicks, penalties and corner kicks.
  • Renovated intelligence system to make the players are more active even when they're far away from the ball.
  • Changes to the physical behavior of the players so that they don't behave the same in all areas of the pitch.
  • New offensive techniques to generate different shots and chances.
  • Story mode called The Journey in which we'll control a 17-year old player trying to take him to the top of world football.

Frostbite, the soul of FIFA 17

This video game engine made its debut with its version 1.0 en 2008 with Battlefield: Bad Company. Ever since it has evolved and appeared in different EA Sports games, such as the Need For Speed or Medal of Honor sagas. Version 3 of Frostbite is now present in this new FIFA.

Plenty of realism for the new version of FIFA.

Among its main features, we have to point out improvements to the weather effects, that gives matches with adverse weather conditions much more realism, or the tessellation technology and its field depth.

A great soundtrack

And as always, this new version comes along with a rather eclectic soundtrack with some of the most popular bands and DJs at present: Kasabian, Bastille, Capital Cities or Beck are some of the names that appear in the titles. Their songs will definitely help to spice up certain game situations.

If you've already tried out the demo of FIFA, get hold of the full version

Is FIFA 17 free? Obviously, not. The game's demo allows us to try first-hand all the updates and new features of this classic football title. We'll be able to appreciate the improvements introduced by Frostbite in its development, playing quick matches with 12 of the best teams in the world according to EA Sports:

  • Manchester United.
  • Bayern Munich.
  • Juventus.
  • Real Madrid.
  • Manchester City.
  • Paris Saint-Germain.
  • Chelsea.
  • Inter Milan.
  • Olympique Lyon.
  • Seattle Sounders.
  • Tigres.
  • Gamba Osaka.

Some football fans will probably miss the chance of playing with clubs like Valencia, Barcelona, Milan, Boca Juniors, Corinthians or Borussia Dortmund. However, to play with these teams and many others you'll have to resort to the official full version of the game that comes along with the main championships in the world and licenses of all teams and players.

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