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File identifier easily identifies what family each of your PC's families belong to. Download File identified free and obtain information from your files

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What would happen if one day you find that your files extensions have disappeared and you don't know what application to open them with? This is a slim chance, but what is true is that sometimes we download files without extension from Internet and then we don't know what to do with them.

  Due to this, it is always a good idea to have an application like File identifier. A lightweight command line utility that allows the user to obtain information of the contents of a directory and of a files extension.

  This tool is very easy to use, all we have to do is open a system screen and launch the file.exe executable file, from its location. At that moment, the tools information will appear, and we will see a list of the options that we can use with a file, by means of the following syntax: file.exe [options] file.

  File identifier can be used freely and with having to pay anything, except for commercial purposes.
Requirements and additional information:
This application is free for personal use only. This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
Scott McLure
Scott McLure
Optima SC Inc.
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