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With File Info Professional you'll have integrated into your system even more information about your files than the info offered by OS X by default

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Sometimes we need more information about our stored files than what OS X offers us by default. That's why a tool like File Info Professional can be perfect to get hold of such data.

Advanced information about your files

Perfectly integrated into the system, the purpose of this tool is to show us that advanced information we need with a simple access. Thus, these are the data that the program can offer the user about each file:

  • Checksums SHA1, SHA256, MD2 and MD5.
  • HEX Dump: the file's RAW content.
  • General information.

Get to know everything you need about each one of your files.

As we've said, it integrates into the system itself, so we can access this information from Finder or from our Mac's Services menu. It also offers us the possibility to drag and drop files on the program's icon in the dock.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires OS X 10.8 or above.

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