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FileMenu Tools is an application that allows you to modify the context menu. Download FileMenu Tools for free to adapt the context menu to your own needs

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The Windows context menu, that is activated by means of the right mouse button, offers multiple options to the users, but many of these users miss certain options. And to be able to add more options to this menu you can use FileMenu Tools.

The options that you need

The idea behind FileMenu Tools offers the opportunity to the users to be able to choose which options will form part of the context menu, even having the possibility to add new options that aren't normally available.

Some of the options available in FileMenu Tools are:

  • Synchronize folders.
  • Eliminate a file completely, without sending it to the recycling bin.
  • Register DLL.
  • Unpack folder, allows you to move the contents of a folder to its parent folder.
  • Show the size of the folders.

All these options together with the possibility to eliminate elements that have been added to the context menu, but aren't going to be used, make FileMenu Tools a program that is really worth it.

Download FileMenu Tools for free to manage the contents of the Windows contextual menu.

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Antony Peel
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