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Download FileMind free and you will be able to enjoy an alternative file manager and explorer for Windows. FileMind is faster and improves your productivity

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As a user, it is important that you feel comfortable browsing around your operating system, and the basic Windows file explorer may not be exactly what you want. For this reason, you can download alternatives such as FileMind that intend to optimise the use that you make of your system and increase your productivity.

An incredibly fast file manager.

Replace the Windows file explorer

FileMind is a file manager for Windows that stands out for its speed and that intends to replace the out-of-date folder tree with a much more modern and valid system, similar to the mechanism used by web browsers.

  • Carry out instant searches for files, folders, applications...
  • Use search filters by means of tags.
  • Highlight the last elements used in your searches.
  • Create a customised bookmark bar.
  • Encrypted statistics of use.
  • Automatic updates.

Organise and manage your files and folders in a more efficient way thanks to FileMind, a file manager and explorer that can offer you the user experience that you have always wanted.

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