Film lovers will find the perfect application with Filmmanager. Organize and structure all your film collection and videos once you download Filmmanager

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Filmmanager is a useful tool with which you will be able to manage your video collection and maintain them perfectly stored. What's more, includes options to search for your favorite videos over Amazon and thus include them in your library.

Keep your movie collection perfectly organized

Storing your videos with order will make them a lot easier to search for. Filmmanager will allow you to manage your files, including additional information about each one of the videos. This data can be downloaded directly from the Internet or can be input manually by the user using the customized editing boxes that it includes.

It allows the possibility to import videos and images from websites and databases like Amazon DB, IMDB and OFDB. It also offers the chance to download sleeves from Darktown and print them or keep track of which films have been loaned. It will be possible to import data from Excel or CSV files and check the statistics of your collection.

If top all this you add all its filtering, editing and advanced search options you should have more than enough reasons to download and use Filmmanager.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows us to store 10 films.
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Scott McLure
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