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Final Gear is a role-playing strategy game in which we will find ourselves immersed in battles while flying our mech, which we can upgrade as we progress

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The developers have opted for a combination of mech robots and adorable pilots in Final Gear, a role-playing strategy game in which we will be able to take part in mass battles against enemies that won't give us any respite.

Battles with customizable mechs

In this game, we have to fight our way through increasingly difficult battles. We will do so by piloting mech robots that, as we notch up victories, we will be able to upgrade and equip with new features, including customization. Meanwhile, we will be able to use and discover over 100 pilots as we progress.

The game is all about the action and in each and every combat we will be in control of that action at all times as we lead our robot around the arena while firing left and right at our adversaries. You will find graphics that are characteristic of many Japanese RPGs, along with the following features:

  • A reward system for unlocking hundreds of components and creating powerful mechs.
  • Over 100 pilots with their own skills and features.
  • Build your own base so that your pilots can build their own products.
  • Move around with the help of strategic and dynamic maps.
  • Choose which units you are going to deploy on the ground depending on what is needed in each battle.
Requirements and additional information:
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Sean Mitchell
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