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In Final Shift you have to tap your screen to avoid all the obstacles that you come across at full speed. Have fun with this entertaining game for iPhone

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The first time you try out Final Shift you'll feel like when you walk into the supermarket and you start pushing your cart around the aisles, dodging other trolleys, people, lost kids, products on offer... a real adventure. Well, this is exactly the same but in a futuristic version.

1 boat, 5 lanes, and a ton of objects in our way.

You'll be a pyramid with a hexagonal base that has to ride along different lanes, faster and faster, and in a psychedelic environment that's quite monotonous but that gives us a greater sensation of speed. All of a sudden, there's only one lane left, or you'll have to avoid loads of obstacles changing lanes as fast as possible. A sensation that's equally frenetic and addictive.

With a delightful, simple, and minimalistic design it manages to offer us exactly what it wants: that you forget about your bus or subway journey and you get lost amongst its geometric shapes. By the way, if you get fed up with it and you're good at this game, you'll soon have enough points to be able to purchase much more interesting parts.

Advice and cheats

The truth is that the gameplay is quite simple: just tap on the screen to move the pyramid on time to dodge gaps and obstacles, otherwise, you'll be smashed to pieces. So, the best advice is that you practice until you start to memorize the paths and look at the upper start of the screen to guess what's coming next. It might seem something stupid, but turning down the music can also help... it's so repetitive that it ends up getting on your nerves.

If you're not into complicated games, shooters or RPGs, just like the entertaining Nintendo style, Final Shift is going to provide you with hours of fun on end suitable for all age groups.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires iOS 6.0 or above.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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