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Download Find My Credit Card and eliminate personal bank information that you have typed on your computer. Find My Credit Card will eliminate it for you

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Even though nowadays a lot attention is placed on the security of any computer system, there are always some problems to solve. Like for example, the cookies and the virtual memory. That is why Find My Credit Card makes sure that none of our data is left behind in any of these elements.

Protect your banking details

The data to access our bank account is very important, and we would have a real problem if this data were to be accessed by an attacker, so the best thing to do after using them (when we connect to the bank over the Internet or buy something using our credit card over the Internet), is to perform a scan with Find My Credit Card, to locate where this bank information has been stored.

Logically, Find My Credit Card allows us to securely eliminate this information, thus we will be able to maintain our personal and bank data secure and out of the reach of the cybercriminals that may be interested in accessing it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain functions limited.
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Scott McLure
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