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Ketchapp's casual games have us fascinated. Finger Driver will allow you to handle the steering wheel of a car, trying not to drift off of the road

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The development studio specialized in casual mobile games that has recently been purchased by Ubisoft has managed to get millions of players from all over the world hooked to their creations. This time around they've released a game that's as fun and simple as usual.

Finger Driver introduces us to a car driving down the road. The final target of the game is to turn the on-screen steering wheel to make the car advance as much as possible and collect all the diamonds on the road. As usual in the games of this studio, it's easier said than done as the steering wheel is really sensitive.

Drive as much as you can without drifting off the road.

Just the precise elements to glue the player to the screen

As you can see, this game couldn't be any simpler. For such purpose, the developers always include tiny elements that encourage us to continue playing and that prevent us from getting bored too soon. This car game, for instance, includes short missions to be completed to earn points such as driving 100 meters without having an accident or collecting 10 diamonds in a single game, as well as the classic rewards received for opening the application every day.

Furthermore, we can use the diamonds for other things such as unlocking all sorts of cars. The player can have fun discovering which vehicle he can use next: a taxi, a UFO, a truck, a skateboard...

Finally, we have to point out that this APK is free of charge and for that reason, it includes quite a few adverts in the form of banners and wallpapers between game and game. If you really like this title and you're interested in getting rid of the ads, you can do so by making a small in-app purchase from the game's settings.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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