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With FingerLock you can unlock your Mac from an iPhone or an iPad. This application complements FingerKey which you'll have to install on your phone

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Your iPhone's biometric sensor can be very useful to unlock your phone and with the launch of iOS 8, different developers have decided to incorporate this function to their applications. This possibility has also been adapted to Mac by means of FingerLock, a tool that allows us to unlock our computer from an iPhone or iPad.

Your computer unlocked with just one finger

With FingerLock installed we can forget about unlocking our computer typing in the password, which will allow us to gain in speed and, obviously, in safety. The password in stored on the phone and transmitted between devices via 256-bit AES encryption. This means, as you imagine, that you'll also need to download the iPhone or iPad app with which you can unlock your computer, called FingerKey.

Your iPhone's biometric sensor can also be used on a Mac.

The data transfer between Mac and iPhone is carried out via Bluetooth, therefore, you'll need to activate the option on your computer. Gain in security and speed, and download FingerLock to comfortably unlock your computer from your iPhone or iPad.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires FingerKey on your iPhone and/or iPad.
  • Requires the activation of your computer's Bluetooth.
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