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Mozilla has also decided to jump onto the mobile bandwagon and has done so with its own operating system. Led by Firefox OS, also known as Boot to Gecko or BG2, it aims to establish itself among tablet and smartphone users. You can download Firefox OS Simulator, which works as an extension for Firefox, and test it yourself.

Making the most of web compatiblity

Firefox OS Simulator shows us Mozilla's operating system on our computer. It is based on Linux and written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS, which is an advantage for developers as it does not have to fit the specifications of a particular platform.

Features of Firefox OS

  • Adaptation of web standards to mobile platforms that increases their usability.
  • Major advantage for developers to be able to program in web languages.
  • Better compatibility for users who will not be restricted to a single platform.

Fully integrated into Firefox

With Firefox OS Simulator anyone can emulate the operating system from the Firefox browser, the main objective being to provide a stable and simple version that allows application testing. Once installed you'll find it in the web developer menu among the browser's options. You will see that it runs quickly and has a friendly interface that users will adapt to quickly.

Feel free to download Firefox OS Simulator and discover some of the goodies that await us in this long-awaited launch of Firefox OS.

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