Firemin reduces the memory usage of the Firefox browser. Download Firemin for free to be able to optimize Firefox so as to consume less system resources

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If you use the Firefox web browser you'll have realized the large amount of RAM memory that it uses. With the latest versions of the Mozilla browser they have tried to improve this aspect, but despite this, the memory usage of Firefox, even when not using the browser, is rather high. Firemin will reduce the RAM memory usage of Firefox considerably, avoiding the loss of memory.

This application, that was previously known as Firefox Plumber, doesn't require installation and is very easy to use. When you launch it, an icon will appear in the taskbar and by right clicking you will see a menu with the different functions:

  • You can open the options of Firemin to configure the optimization level: to get a Firefox optimization that is quicker, more resources will be necessary but the memory usage will be lower.
  • Start the optimization of Firefox.
  • Launch Firefox.
  • Launch Firefox in secure mode.

With Firemin you'll have a very simple way to make your Firefox browser consume less RAM memory, and therefore, for your computer to work with a better performance with the browser open.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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