FireShepherd cancels Firesheep, the Firefox extension capable of robbing social network personal data. Protect yourself, download FireSheperd to your PC now
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Good news for the users of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. For some time, the risk of your private data stored on these services being robbed had increased causing a certain level of panic to certain users. Firesheep, an innovating plugin for Firefox, is capable of locating this profile information to be able to access its contents.

Don't let Firesheep steal your data

Whereas, FireShepherd allows the possibility to cancel the activity of this intrusive complement. It is a small console that is capable of disabling all the Firesheep that are running on any wireless network every 0.5 seconds, thus solving the problem that they set.

Even though this is only a temporary solution, it is highly advisable to use it. FireShepherd is a solution that you can download free and that can make your connection safe for some time, thus avoiding that your personal information from social networks is robbed when you access the Internet over an open wireless connection. This will be the end of certain identity robberies and other dangers posed by this kind of network service.

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Scott McLure
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