Fistik Draw

Fistik Draw will allow you to create caricatures using your photos or those of your friends. Download Fistik Draw for free: then hit the image you created

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Fistik Draw is a simple application with which you will have the possibility to create caricatures of whoever you want, with the added possibility to hit the image later. The program is really entertaining, whether to create a comic image of a friend or family member, or to release some tension with somebody that you dislike.

  From the main page you'll be able to choose the different elements that form the caricature: the hairdo, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the body, the shape of the face and the accessories. Within each category you will be able to find from the most normal elements to those that are really striking, and that you would never have imagined.

  Once you have ended your design, you will be able to go through to the punishment room where you will be able to hit the caricature with all kinds of karate hits (punches, kicks, eye pokes,...), as well as being able to set it on fire with petrol and a lighter.

  In case you want to save your creation, you'll have to do so by taking screen captures, because the application doesn't include the possibility to export the image.

  Have a really good time on your own or with your friends thanks to Fistik Draw.
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