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In FitStadium - Personal Trainer you'll find loads of workout exercises and you can keep a strict control of all your physical activity and what you eat

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Nowadays, or you've got an Adonis complex or you've never put a foot in a gym in your life. There's no middle ground. Or you do hundreds of sit-ups or you spend your day on the sofa. If you're into bright colors, fitness bands, expensive sneakers and running around as if somebody was chasing you, congratulations. But not everyone has the willpower to get out of house, and that's where applications of the likes of FitStadium - Personal Trainer come in to help you out, allowing you to workout at home with exercises adapted to your needs.

Workouts adapted to you that will help you to reach your goal of keeping fit.

To start off, you'll have to create a profile for the application adapted to your strength and build. For such purpose, you'll have to insert your weight and height, your amount of weekly exercise and pass a test. After each exercise, you'll have to rate your performance, without lying of course. It's all about adjusting the app to your level and targets to improve from there on.

Your workots will be drawn up according to your comments.

Even if you're not too skillful in any kind of sport, it's easy because each exercise comes along with a video that teaches you how to do it. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence but who cares.

How it works

Once you've completed the first steps, you'll have to choose your type of workout:

  • Thunder: to train your strength and build muscles.
  • Lightning: to lose weight.

You won't need any material, just some basic objects lying around your house, such as a chin-up bar. Well, even if you haven't got one, there's no problem because you'll still be able to keep fit with FitStadium. Then you'll have to input how much time you've got available, which area of your body you want to work on (lower, upper or middle, or all of them) and the interactive personal trainer that lives inside the app will get the best workout session ready for you.

You'll gain glow after each session, which can help you to increase your ego (more than your muscles). And also so that you can see which areas of your body you've worked on and which ones you've neglected.

Furthermore, FitStadium tells you what to eat according to your personal information, your workouts, and your goals. It will tell you the kind of food and the amount you should eat to be fit and healthy.

Two weeks free of charge

But, as you know, nothing's for free in this life (at least, nothing worthwhile). So after trying out the app for a couple of weeks, you'll have to pay for it. Unless you manage to get hold of a promotional code that will earn you some more time. Personal trainers, even digital ones, are quite expensive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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