FlapMMO Online

With FlapMMO you can play Flappy Bird in multiplayer mode. FlapMMO also lets you change the game's theme and create private rooms for you and your friends

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FlapMMO is the zillionth clone of Flappy Bird. But why has this particular version drawn our attention? Well, basically for three reasons: you can play with all users at the same time, you can change the theme and you can create private rooms.

Competing against other player can be fun.

In FlapMMO we have to do exactly the same as in Flappy Bird: fly around an 8-bit scenario, righting our flight each time we press a key or click our mouse, and dodging obstacles. The most peculiar aspect of this version is that while we play we can watch the performance of the rest of users as their birds will also appear on our screen, but with a faded aspect.

Changes regarding the original game

But FlapMMO also introduces the following modifications regarding the original game:

  • Change the theme: choose between a theme similar to Flappy Bird, one that emulates a fish tank and another that does exactly the same... but with the journey of a spermatozoid.
  • Create private playing rooms for you and your friends.

Give FlapMMO an opportunity because, although it's just another online version of Flappy Bird, it does offer us the charm of incorporating the multiplayer option and the possibility to change the scenario.

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