By downloading FlappyBirds to your PC, you can carry on playing with this digital bird dodging obstacles. FlappyBirds is as addictive as the mobile version

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The rise of Flappy Bird was meteoric. Just after it reached the peak of the mobile application market, it suddenly disappeared, leaving many users hooked. But if you have Windows 8.1, you can carry on playing with FlappyBirds.

How to play FlappyBirds

If you haven't had the chance to play FlappyBirds yet, you'll soon find out that the gameplay is very simple. The aim is to dodge the huge pipes (similar to those that appear in Super Mario Bros.) that appear on our screen. To do, just click with your mouse and don't let your new friend fall to the ground.

FlappyBirds is a clone of the mobile version.

The similarity of FlappyBirds with the mobile editions of this entertainment isn't a coincidence. The graphics, the gameplay, the medals you can win... Furthermore, you can share your score on Facebook and Twitter to challenge your friends.

Get hold of FlappyBirds for PC and carry on flying around with your pixelated pet. You can quench your thirst for Flappy Bird by downloading this game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Windows 8.1 or above.
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