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Download Flash Decompiler and access all the files that form part of an SWF file. Modify projects and webs with the help of software Flash Decompiler

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Flash Decompiler is a very interesting software application that can come in very handy when it comes to looking into projects created with Flash, one of the technologies that are used to create web games and also many websites in general.

Rip flash contents from webs

Once an SWF file is totally finished, it is impossible to see inside it or modify it, requiring a program like Flash Decompiler to be able to do it. Thanks to this software you will be able to see the insides of any application designed with this complex programing system, so as to be able to check which files form part of a project.

Thanks to Flash Decompiler, if you have a high enough computing knowledge you will be able to modify any project or website to your own liking, even though one of the most noteworthy features of the application is the possibility to save only the part of an SWF that you are interested in.

A less licit use of this application is to be able to modify a game so as to make it easier than usual, or to increase its difficulty if you consider that it is too easy the first time that you try it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo includes certain limitations like a watermark, fewer colors when saving FLA files or the impossibility to use ActionScript.
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Antony Peel
Eltima Software GmbH
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