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Adobe has developed Flash Player, the software that is essential to be able to launch Flash applications and animations. Download Flash Play for free today

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As we all know, Adobe Flash Player technology has changed the Internet. When websites were little more than standard text and a few animated GIFs, Flash technology provided us with videos, movements and more user friendly websites. But it did not stop there, and it has now evolved into the standard technology for small games and applications.

  Flash Player is an essential tool for any operating system, to allow it to run Flash animations and applications. This includes games, animated websites or even the videos we watch on YouTube. Adobe Flash Player allows us to view videos in FLV format using our web browser, this format is used by YouTube, Dailymotion and all other video stream services we can find nowadays on the web. Also, plenty of web applications use Flash elements to show the user a more simple and easier-to-use interface.

  Where we've really noticed the evolution of Flash technology has been in the gaming world, because lots of Flash games have surpassed many other games designed using game design technology.

  With this add-on, any browser that you have installed, including Firefox, Opera or SeaMonkey will be able to correctly run and view all integrated Flash objects you find on the web.
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