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Have you ever wanted to download SWF files? Download Flash Saver and manage to download Flash files, like videos or animations, from Internet websites

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The SWF (Small Web Format or Shockwave Flash) format has been used since it was created on many websites, specially to include videos and animations that use vector graphics. It may happen to us that while we are browsing over the Web, we may encounter a video, game or animation that uses this format, and that we want to download it to our computer, for this purpose we can use Flash Saver.

Three ways of downloading flash format

The application uses an interface that is clear and intuitive to be able to download the SWF files. To carry out the action, the program will offer the user three different ways in which to select the files:

  1. By directly inputting the URL of the website on which the file can be found.
  2. By detecting the files that are currently loaded in cache.
  3. With the context menu, allowing to download all the SWF files from a page, o by searching a full page for files that use the format and then selecting them.

Once we decide which method to use, the application will show us a sample of the download file, so that we can confirm if it is the file that we are interested in.

Therefore, if you were looking for a program that will allow you to download SWF files from the Internet, download and install Flash Saver.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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