Downloading Flashblock will allow you to block the Flash contents of a web. Decide when you want to play Flash files on the web with Flashblock for Firefox

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Flash is the format used in our beloved YouTube videos that we spend so much time viewing, but it is also used in the bothersome adverts that harass us on any website. With Flashblock for Firefox you can block them.

Block the Flash animations of any web until whenever you want

Flashblock is a Firefox add-on that will get rid of these annoying adverts as it is a plug-in designed to block Flash files embedded in any web, making our browsing much faster, more comfortable and free of frights. Once we have installed this tool on our Mozilla browser, it will block these contents which will only be played when we allow them.


  • Block contents in Flash format.
  • Whitelist of websites that the user can configure in order not to block them.
  • Possibility to also block contents designed with Silverlight.

Decide for yourself when you want to enjoy animations and games by downloading Flashblock for Firefox.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
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