5.10 Generate texts with Flash effects thanks to FlaX. You won't need to know any code to be able to complete these animations, simply download FlaX for free
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Creating Flash animations is a complex task that generally requires a lot of dedication on behalf of the user if he/she wants to finish any project with final results that are worth the while, as well as having to spend hours on end learning and practicing each of the options that it offers. But if you only require a small text with effects, you can always resort to FlaX.

Create flash animations

It's a small and intuitive tool to create titles, thanks to which it won't be necessary to have any knowledge of Flash code, because it will make sure of writing the corresponding code for the text animations that we choose.

Using this tool couldn't be any easier, we will only have to write the text we want within the corresponding text box, and once written, we will be able to choose the size, the font and the color that we want to apply. Once we have decided it, we will be able to choose among any of the more than 200 effects that are included.

The best thing of all is that is uses the WYSIWYG technology so that we can see every single change we apply in real-time, so as to avoid losing any time while we check how our project is advancing.

Therefore, if you want an application that will allow you to create a heading or animated text for your website, or for any other Flash project, download and try FlaX.

Requirements and additional information:
  • In the trial version, the texts saved will be scrambled.
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Antony Peel
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