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If you're one of those people that think that the email has become outdated as a means of communication, you'll be delighted with the philosophy behind Fleep. It's a chat application that intends to set the email aside as a means of communication between the members of a work team.

A chat conceived to be used at work.

The idea behind Fleep is that the participants in a work team can communicate more efficiently and collaborate in an intelligent manner. But despite the main goal of leaving the email aside as a work tool, Fleep can also integrate perfectly with the latter. Thus, you can add any user to your Fleep group even if that person doesn't have the application, being able to receive the messages in his/her email's inbox.

What else can Fleep do?

  • Cloud-based multidevice system that you can use wherever you are.
  • Communications organized by topics.
  • Search engine for conversations integrated into the interface.
  • Marker for important messages.
  • Drawer to file associated contents such as images, documents...

Discover your new collaborative work tool by downloading Fleep.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a sign-up or to login with your Google account.
  • In this free version you can only access the message history of the last 30 days.
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