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The Floor is Lava for Android will allow us to have fun with a simple mobile version of the game that's gone viral on YouTube and other social networks

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The 'Floor is lava' game has become tremendously popular due to how viral it has gone on social networks of the likes of Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Its approach is very simple, and slightly stupid: someone shouts out that floor has turned into lava and the rest of people that are willing to play have got 3 seconds to climb onto whatever they've got at hand in order not to touch the floor and avoid their feet getting burnt.

How to play this mobile version of the fad on Android?

Well, The Floor is Lava is the version of this entertainment for Android smartphones and tablets, although adapted in a much simpler manner: it's an endless jump in which we've got to make the main character climb to the top of the screen before the lava reaches him.

For such purpose, we'll only have to tap the right or left side of our screen to make him leap onto the platforms on each side. It sounds easy but bear in mind two important aspects: the lava rises faster and faster on each new level and if you get the platform wrong, the lava will reach you without any doubt whatsoever.

Don't die scorched by a load of melted rocks.

This game is great fun as a casual entertainment, so don't expect a great plot or important rewards for moving onto the next level... basically because there aren't any. And although it sounds easy, it's also easy to make a mistake and die.

But that's for the time being because its developers have announced that in future versions we'll be able to unlock new levels and features.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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