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Flyback is an application with which you will be able to save backup copies of your Linux distro. Download Flyback free and program the backup process

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In the Mac OS X environment you can find the acclaimed Time Machine to carry out automatic backup copies of your computer. Well from now on the Linux users will be able to use this same technology by means of Flyback, an application with the same methodology that will help us to create backup copies of all our files.

  This free software can perform backup copies of the full system, to be able to recover any file or even the operating system if it were necessary. By means of a simple and user friendly interface it will carry out the backup copies periodically and automatically, thus we won't have to worry about carrying out this process.

  One of the most positive things about Flyback is its great capacity to configure the programing of the backup copies, adapting to all our needs. What's more, it will allow us to configure the steps that the application has to follow when there is no space left to carry out the backup copy.

  Make sure all you system files are secure thanks to this interesting application, that uses the full extent of the technology implemented in Linux to recreate Time Machine.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a Linux distribution based on Debian.
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