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Fokus is a tool that improves your productivity as it helps you to concentrate on a single task. Fokus adjusts the brightness of windows and the desktop

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With all the possibilities offered by our PC it's quite easy to be distracted and end up doing something we shouldn't be. Fokus is here to solve this distraction problem that most users have when in front of a computer.

Focus your attention adjusting the desktop's brightness.

Some applications focus their objective on restricting the use of certain programs and services, such as messaging clients and social networks, but Fokus doesn't limit how we use our Mac and its programs.

Increase your concentration

The idea is to make it easier for us to concentrate on what we're doing. For such purpose, Fokus highlight's the application's active window and makes the rest of your Mac's desktop duller. In the "Security and privacy" settings of the "System Preferences" you'll be able to activate or deactivate this function.

If you notice that it's hard to concentrate an a certain task when in front of your computer, try out Fokus. It's really easy to use and it works!

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a trial version that displays the word DEMO on the desktop.
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