Folderscope is a tool with which you can manage all the folders and files stored on your computer in a very efficient way. Download Folderscope now

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One of the biggest problems of having more hard drive space on modern computers is that people in general don't maintain any order in what regards to the downloaded and stored data, and due to this it is very possible that they won't be able to find certain files or folders. That is why the reason it is a good idea to have a utility like Folderscope.

  It is a program with which it is possible to view the structure of the folders on your hard drive, search for and eliminate duplicate files, isolate documents depending on their format or size, carry out searches and complete backups.

  The interface may seem somewhat complex when you start using it, but after a few uses you shouldn't have any problems at all to control any of the functions that the program offers.

  Discover how easy it can be to manage all the files stored on your hard drive, after downloading and installing Folderscope on your computer.
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