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Download FooBillard free for Mac to practice playing pool. Have a good time and improve your precision playing FooBillard, the physics are realistic

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Pool enthusiasts can practice this pastime on their Mac thanks to FooBillard. This pool game has simple controls, in such a way that the user can focus all his attention on the cue and not the controls.

Improve your precision playing pool

FooBillard stands out for faithfully representing the movements that the balls would complete on a real table after being struck by the cue and then hitting other balls or bouncing of the cushions. That is why this application if perfect to gain precision when it comes to choosing the angle with which the ball is struck.

A pool game with realistic physics.

Features of FooBillard

  • Game mode: human against artificial intelligence.
  • Implementation of the rules for 8-ball and 9-ball pool.
  • Faithful representation of a typical wooden pool table, with the holes covered with a gold plating.
  • Includes a shot guidance system for newbies.
  • Comfortably select the shot angle by rotating the table position using the left mouse button.
  • Control the shot force with the spacebar.
  • Possibility to zoom in or out.

If you want to enjoy a game of pool on your Mac, download FooBillard for free.

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