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Download Football Manager 2017 to your PC, plunge into the life of a football manager and make the right decisions to lead your team all the way to glory

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If you're into football manager games in which you can control absolutely everything the revolves around a club, the squad, the signings, the tactics and the individual behavior of all your players, forget about the typical simulators offered by PES and FIFA, and move over toFootball Manager 2017, the game that offers you a totally immersive experience and the next best thing to being a real-life football chairman/manager/coach.

Become a virtual version of Mourinho or Guardiola.

All in all, it's a game for PC downloadable through Steam, that's also available for Android in APK format, as well as Linux and Mc, in which you plunge into the sporting management of a football club, being able to choose between more than 2,500 teams and over 500,000 real-life and full licensed football players, making the right decisions about your team to take it to the top flight.

Four modes for all football fans

FM 2017 comes along with different game modes to satisfy all the fans of this kind of football title:

  1. Career Mode: without a doubt, the most complete experience in the game in which you'll control absolutely all aspects and make all the decisions regarding the club of your choice.
  2. Fantasy Draft Mode: can you imagine Messi, CR7, Buffon, Pogba, Hazard and Aderlan Santos all playing for the same team? That's just what this mode offers you, the chance to build a dream team to play against your friends.
  3. Create-A-Club Mode: build football club from scratch, designing your team, the stadium, the badge, etc. and play in any league around the world.
  4. Online Career Mode: in which you can take part in leagues on the Internet against your friends or unknown rivals from all over the world.

Main features

As well as the obvious features, such as signing and selling players, choosing a starting eleven for each match day, choosing a formation and the tactics, and making decisions during the matches, this year's Football Manager comes along with loads interesting updates that we're sure you're going to enjoy:

  • New 3D engine with more than 1,500 animations, new movements, renovated stadiums and billboards and an improved AI.
  • Detailed information and advice about your squad straight in your improved inbox.
  • Possibility to customize your manager avatar to the max by means of FaceGen technology.
  • More realistic demands on behalf of players when negotiating their contract with your club.
  • Feel the pressure poured by fans onto social networks and the mass media when things don't work out too well.
  • New technical staff jobs such as scientists to help out with the medical preparation and data analyzers to assist the club's scouting services.
  • Greater depth in the personality, emotions and traits of the players that we'll have tot take care of to make sure they are happy in our team.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This is a demo version downloadable from Steam.

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