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Be the first person to listen to songs among Spotify's users thanks to the Forgotify webapp that offers you songs that have never been played by anyone

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At this very precise moment, approximately 20% of the songs available on Spotify, almost 4 million, have never been played before. Can you imagine the amount of excellent music you might be missing out on? Well, with Forgotify you can now sort this problem out.

You're going to be the first Spotify user to listen to that song

Whether you're eager to discover new music, or you just want to look down on your friends because you're the first person to listen to music that nobody knows, Forgotify is the application you need as it only offers you songs that haven't been played by anyone, in other words, songs played zero times.

You can boast about being the first person to listen to that group that's now top of the charts.

To be able to use this online application you only need to click on the Start Listening button, and you'll then be offered a song to be played, which you can share with your friends and move on to the next one. Who knows, you might have been missing out on the musical quintessence...

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires a Spotify user account.

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