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Forté Agent is a complete news manager that also includes a complete email client. Download Forté Agent to keep up with everything that is happening

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Forté Agent is a rather good newsreader that also integrates an email manager and a small organizer, because, even though the news servers are no longer used very much, it always comes in handy to have a good client in case you want to check one of the few servers that still work.

  The interface is somewhat rudimentary, but it offers all the possibilities that this kind of program may need, in other words, complete email management, possibility to include various email accounts, creation of email lists,... In what regards to viewing the mail, Forté Agent hides repeated text in the replies, something that makes it a lot easier to follow conversations and keep your space well organized.

  One of the functions of Forté Agent is to read lists and news from Usenet, so it implements several technologies that download the headings and review the servers much quicker.

  In terms of security, all the connections can be encrypted by means of SSL.

  So if you need a good newsreader that also includes a small email client and a simple organizer, Forté Agent is available.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version offers a limited account during one month.
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