How to land faster in Fortnite

Landing faster depends on the speed with which we get out of the bus and on when we open our glider or umbrella. The game doesn’t come along with a tutorial to teach us how to optimize our time but we can easily learn with a bit of practice and bearing in mind a few details.

  • To reach the ground quicker, we should not open the parachute for as long as possible as the latter makes as fall slower, taking more time. Once we’ve jumped out of the bus, we have to press downwards and forward to accelerate the descent and only open the parachute when we’re near enough to the ground.
  • At this stage, we have to descend diagonally, in angle of approximately 45 degrees regarding the place where we want to land. Diving straight isn’t as fast as doing so diagonally.
  • Another aspect to be taken into account is that it’s better to land on lower areas, avoiding mountains or higher buildings. If we do so, we’ll have to open our parachute earlier.
  • Before starting the game we can choose a skin with a parachute, umbrella or any other kind of glider to land. It doesn’t matter which one we choose because it won’t affect our diving speed.

Landing quickly in Fortnite is important because it allows us to get to the resources available on the map before other players, and therefore, get hold of better weapons and objects. We have to bear in mind that the element of surprise is important so we have to try to kill them before they manage to equip themselves as it will be much easier to increase our score with the casualties we cause.