How to play as Thanos in Fortnite

To play as Thanos, the supervillain from the Avengers: Infinity War, in Fornite we have to try to kill him using all the weapons at our reach. Once we’ve managed to wipe him out, he will release the Infinity Gauntlet which any user can pick up and use. From that moment, that player will become Thanos and the all versus all cycle will start all over again until there’s only one player standing once again. The reward is a Victory Royal for the only survivor, whether Thanos or any other gamer.

Playing as Thanos allows us to make the most of certain advantages, such as 700 health points that will never be recovered, and 300 shield points that we can recover with every death we cause controlling this character. Playing as Marvel’s supervillain also involves having access to the following skills and special movements:

  • Mighty jump: we can jump up in the air and fall without suffering damage.
  • Blast: we can shoot blasts of energy to cause damage to our enemies.
  • Smash: Thanos can crash into the ground damaging everything in a certain area.
  • Punch Combo: combination of punches to damage rivals and structures.

However, there are also a few cons to balance things out: we won’t be able to build and our position will always be shown on the radar so the rest of players will always know where we are if we play as Thanos.

According to Epic Games, there won’t be any more Avengers characters appearing in Fortnite. It’s simply an agreement signed by the studio with Marvel, in charge of the superhero movie. Both developments have enjoyed unprecedented success, achieving record figures in their respective fields.