How to use C4 in Fortnite

One of the latest incorporations to the arsenal of weapons available in Fortnite have been C4 explosives that can be detonated remotely. We’re talking about bombs that can be attached to a surface and detonated following these steps:

  1. Step 1: place it by choosing it from the inventory of weapons.
  2. Step 2: the exact location can be chosen with the button used to aim.
  3. Step 3: the bomb is detonated with the shooting button but if you’ve switched weapons between placing the C4 and detonating it, you’ll have to select it once again from your weapons.

These weapons, which can be found amongst our bombs and other explosive objects, not as traps, can give us an important tactical advantage because we can use them to set up ambushes and inflict as much damage as possible to our enemies, using the element of surprise and without having to expose ourselves.

Regarding these remote-controlled explosives, you should read the following details to make the most of their features:

  • They explode if somebody shoots at them, therefore, you may miss out on their advantage if you place them in a location with too many shots.
  • They explode in placement order.
  • Although they’re cool to kill other players, they’re more efficient against structures.
  • Detonation is not immediate, which will force you to find out how much time is required in each case from the moment we press the detonator.

C4 explosives can be found in any chest, just like other weapons. Also remember that they’re not invisible, therefore, if you leave them too exposed, the rest of players may see them and neutralize them by shooting at them.