How to use the stink bomb in Fortnite

To use it, the best option is to throw it into an area with plenty of enemies to force them to come out of their hideouts. It can be more harmful if we use it in closed areas, but apart from its destruction power, it’s also interesting because we can force our enemies to come out, allowing us to shoot at them easier. We can also anticipate to their movements, as our rivals we’ll go around their perimeter and you can know precisely what area they’re going to cover, or even lead them to a place where we’ve set up a trap or ambush. In other words, it’s a tactical weapon, the efficiency of which depends on how skillful we are to combine it with other strategies.

The stink bomb finally arrived to Fortnite in Season 4, Week 7 and its effects mainly include causing a poisonous cloud during nine seconds that caused 5 damage points to each player for every 0.5 seconds they spend in it. In other words, it can cause us to lose up to 90 life points. Its rareness is classified as epic (purple) and it can be found as a loot on the ground, in chests or in vending machines. It comes in packs of 3 units, and we can store up to a maximum of 5 in the same inventory slot.

This weapon is part of the different tactical resources available in Fortnite and that combined with a decent strategy can offer us a substantial advantage regarding weapons that are initially much more destructive.