Is Fortnite addictive?

Here at Malavida, we don’t consider Fortnite as an addictive game but let us explain our opinion. The truth is that there are certain scientific studies that indicate that some people find it hard to stop playing this game whilst it’s also not too appropriate to talk about addiction referring to the Epic Games title as that may affect anybody that plays video games.

There’s a current that does say that Fortnite is an addictive game and in countries of the likes of the United Kingdom, some people even want to forbid it. In fact, on platforms of the likes of people have started to collect signatures to stop its expansion, considering the game a brainwasher.

Nevertheless, we can’t mix up the concepts of mass phenomenon with addiction, especially if we bear in mind that something can’t be addictive due only to its nature but also due to the features of the person that suffers that addiction. In other words, some people are more prone to becoming addicted due to their own nature and not because a certain idea or concept is addictive (we’re talking about video games, not drugs or other substances), although in some cases it’s true that it could be considered as a similar concept to gambling and playing games of chance.

We also have to point out that the WHO has included video game addiction on its list of diseases, under the category of behavioral or non-substance addictions. Nevertheless, that has nothing to do with specific titles but with the profile of the person that suffers that disease.

In any case, there are plenty of discussions about this topic and no clear evidence or agreement going in one direction or another.